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  • Özdaş, H., J. Leidwanger, J. Gross, and N. Kızıldağ. 2022. "Toward Systematic Underwater Survey of Mediterranean Maritime Activity along the Southern Turkish Coast." Journal of Field Archaeology 47.5: 324-340. [Link]
  • Greene, E., J. Leidwanger, and L. Repola, 2022. "Ephemeral Heritage: Boats, Migration, and the Central Mediterranean Passage." American Journal of Archaeology 126.1: 79-102. [Link]
  • Leidwanger, J., E.S. Greene, and A. Donnelly. 2021. "The Sixth-Century CE Shipwreck at Marzamemi." American Journal of Archaeology 125.2: 283-317. [Link]

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